The Rouna Estate, found about 1 km from the village Slap, is embraced on all sides by verdant nature. Its name dates back to the land register of the Austro-Hungarian empire. In 1765, the name Rouna was entered in the cadastre, surviving to this day.

Quality wine begins with healthy grapes

Our grapes are grown with great effort, patience and love, through many hours of manual and machine labour in the vineyard. We’ve dedicated 10 hectares of land to the vine, which thrives splendidly in the marl soil of these parts. In the heart of our vineyards lies the great wine cellar with it tasting room, furnished in the style of the traditional old Vipava Valley wine cellars. Besides grapes intended for wine production, our soil grows 9 varieties of tasty table grapes as well.

We also cultivate grafted vines, which allows us to supply our vineyards with vines of the highest quality.

We like to connect with other local winemakers, educating one another and striving together for the visibility of our precious indigenous varieties – Zelen and Pinela. We take pride in the accolades we’ve received for our wines, and the tidy sights of our vineyards. Most of all, though, we care for your satisfaction – that of our buyers.